My goal is to make your session experience easy and stress-free. I provide online or phone style and wardrobe consultation, arrange for an outfit rental if needed and have a custom cake made for a smash session. I have a beautiful selection of newborn props and usually can accommodate any specific requests for themed sessions or any specific color requests if discussed in advance. In addition to being a photographer, I am also a skilled graphic designer and I guarantee that your images will go through proper post production techniques that will result in polished and flawless photographs. Your session includes initial consultation, session time in studio, image processing and final retouching. If you are ordering a package that includes print products, you are guaranteed to receive highest quality, hard to match and guaranteed to last for decades prints because I work with one of the most reputable and established photography labs in North America.

My Joy | Baby Only

— Photos of Baby
— Up to 2 hours studio time
— 10 high resolution digital images
— Additional images are $25.00 per image
— * $100.00 print credit


My Sweet Pea | Baby + Parents

— Photos of Baby and Parents
— Up to 2.5 hours studio time
— Makeup and Hair for Mom
— 15 high resolution digital images
— Additional images are $25.00 per image
— * $100.00 print credit


My Honey | Whole Family

— Photos of Baby, Parents and Siblings
— Up to 3.5 studio time
— Makeup and Hair for Mom is included
— 20 high resolution digital images
— Additional images are $25.00 per image
— * $100.00 print credit


My Precious | Whole Family

— Up to 4 hours studio time
— 25 high resolution digital images
— 4 Matte Finish 8"X10" Prints & 4 5"x7" Prints
Your choice of:
— Custom 10"X10" Art Cover Leather Album (Value $599.00) OR Gallery Wrap 24"X36" (Value $499.00)
— * $100.00 print credit


Cake Smash

— Set stying and wardrobe
— Sugar friendly custom cake
— Classic Family Portrait prior to Cake Smash session
— Up to 1.5 hours studio time
— 20 full size high resolution digital images
— Additional images are $25.00 per Image
— * $100.00 print credit


Sweet Beginnings

— Style consultation & Wardrobe for Mom
— Hair & Makeup
— 2 Hours studio time
— 15 High resolution digital images
— Additional images are $25.00 per image
— * $100.00 print credit


Lavish Journey

— Style Consultation & Wardrobe for Mom
— Hair & Makeup
— 2 Hours Studio Time
— 25 High Resolution Digital Images
— 4 Matte Finish 8"x10" Prints
— Custom 10"X10" Leather Album (Value $599.00) OR 24"X36" Canvas (Value $499.00)
— * $100.00 print credit


My World — Maternity + Newborn

— Style consultation & Wardrobe for Mom
— Hair & Makeup for both Sessions
— 15 Maternity & 15 Newborn images
— Whole Family is welcome in both sessions
— Additional images are $25.00 per image
— * $100.00 print credit

ON SALE $999.00 (reg $1249.00)

Everything | Maternity + Newborn

— Style consultation & Wardrobe for Mom
— Hair & Makeup for both Sessions
— 20 Maternity & 20 Newborn images
— Whole family is welcome
— Custom 10"X10" Art Cover Album (Value $599.00) OR 2 11"x17" Gallery Wraps (Value $538.00)
— * $100.00 print credit

ON SALE $1,299.00 (reg 1,499.00)

Add On Print Products

8X10 Matte Art Print — $79.00
24X36 Collage — $399.00
11X17 Canvas — $269.00
16X20 or 16X24 Canvas — $329.00
24X36 Canvas — $499.00
8x8 16 Pages Album — $499.00
10x10 16 Pages Album — $599.00
Social Media Gallery (Facebook & IG) — $50.00



When should I book my maternity or newborn session?

I recommend booking your session as early as possible so you don't miss out. I have a limited number of sessions available each month. Booking early also allows me to accommodate any special requests you might have.

How do I prepare for my maternity session?

I do everything to make your session as stress-free as possible. We will have an online or phone consultation about your wardrobe, hair style and makeup application style. If we have to rent a dress you might be required to come in for fitting. My hair and makeup artist will come to your home or to the studio and will prepare you for your session. Any clothing like particular color bra or bottoms required of you to bring to your session will be discussed prior.

How do I prepare my baby for newborn session?

If possible, try to interact with your baby for an 1 hour before the session to make her little tired and be ready to feed her upon arrival to my studio. If you are breastfeeding, no preparation is needed, but if you are formula feeding, please bring all necessary bottles, and pre-made formula to be able to feed the baby when needed. Please bring little extra formula just in case. Full belly, "milk drunk' babies are the sleepiest :)
Please bring a pacifier. I will use it to soothe the baby when needed during session. If you don't use a pacifier at home and don't have one, I usually keep some (brand new of course) in my studio.

What if I don't feel beautiful after giving birth? Should I have my portrait taken?

I understand. I have been there. Although you might not feel like yourself, I really encourage you to have your portrait taken with your baby. My makeup and hair stylists are miracle workers, I will photograph you from flattering angles and if needed will crop images to hide parts of your body that you are not comfortable with. I will also use post production techniques that will enhance your natural beauty in your photos.

When will we get our photos?

You have two choices when it comes to your gallery. 1 — You can choose your own photos for final retouching. 2 — You can trust me to choose for you. If you decide to choose the photos yourself, you will receive an online gallery link with your photos within maximum of 10 (TEN) days (sometimes less depending on the season I photograph your session). You can then choose your favorites for final retouching. Your photos will be available in 3 (THREE) weeks after you make your selections and will be delivered via secure download.
If you decide to allow me to make selections for you, you photos will be available in maximum of 2 (TWO) weeks after your session date via secure download.
All final images are retouched in Fine Art style and are available for you in both color and B/W artistic conversions.

Can I purchase additional images?

Yes. If you would like to include additional images to your package, they are available at $25.00 extra per image. I also offer bulk discounts.

Can I purchase photos that haven't been retouched?

I am sorry, I do not release any images that have not gone through post production.

Do you offer print products?

Yes, absolutely! I offer Custom Design Art Cover Leather Album, Gallery Wrap Canvases and Fine Art Prints.
I work with one of the best and most established labs in North America and I can confidently say that the quality of my printed products is hard to match. When it comes to Canvas Prints, you have an option between 1 1/2" and 2 2/1" deep stretched Gallery Wrap Canvas or Artist Premium Canvas, mounted on Masonite Board or 3/4" stretcher frame. Gallery Wrap can hang on its own, where Artist Premium Canvas will need to be framed. I can also assist you with framing as well.
All images that are ordered as printed materials are released to you as high resolution digital files at no additional charge.

What is your cancelation / refund policy?

If you absolutely must cancel, please allow 48 hours to cancel your session before scheduled date. Your deposit is non-refundable. It covers my time spent planing for your session.

Do you offer outdoor sessions?

When weather permits, I offer outdoor family sessions to individuals and families. These sessions are limited however, if you prefer to have a weekend outdoor Spring / Summer session, I suggest booking yours early as during warm season, weekend outdoor sessions sell out fast.

Do you offer promotional pricing on packages?

Few times a year I will offer promotional pricing on select packages. Please follow my Instagram account @vavazoomstudio and stay in the loop about my promotional pricing, specials, monthly mini sessions and model calls!

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, in order for us to have a professional client / photographer relationship, contract must be signed in order to confirm your session date. Your session will not take place without signed contract.

Where do I park my car when I arrive at the studio?

There is street parking in font of the building as well as parking lot located in the back of the building.

COVID19 Safety

All area and props are thoroughly washed after each session. I don't book more than 1 (ONE) session per day in my studio, I wear mask at all times and I am fully vaccinated.

* Print Credit

Print credit is only valid within one month after your session. You must spend over $100.00 in order to use it.

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