I am here to help.

I am available for private in person newborn or maternity photography mentoring for my fellow photographers, as well as an in person or Zoom retouching workshops.

Newborn OR Maternity two day mentorship program will provide you will knowledge you need to create beautiful maternity and newborn portraits. It covers a large scope from equipment, camera settings, styling, posing, wrapping for newborns to editing for newborn and maternity photography. In addition to sharing my skills, I will also share my trade secrets on where to purchase best gowns, props, backdrops and how to style accordingly in order to create a beautiful set. This is an extensive workshop that consists of two 6 - hour days. During your time in studio you will be able to photograph a model and build your portfolio. You are welcome to use these images for your promotion. Please note that Newborn OR Maternity Workshops are offered separately and can not be combined together in a two day period. There is a lot of information to cover and I want to make sure you receive the best outcome possible from this class.

IPS is NOT offered as part of this education.

I offer a 20 % discount if you book both Maternity AND Newborn workshops. Spots are very limited as I do not offer more than 3 - 4 Newborn / Maternity mentorships per year.

Two hour in person or Zoom retouching workshop is also available. Retouching workshop is tailored to your skill level and is modified for each student.